A Photobomb Christmas


As I was going through my email this weekend, thinning out all the junk that my spam filter somehow misses, I came across a hilarious Huffington Post Comedy blog called 25 LOL-Worthy Holiday Photobombs. Basically, these are what would have been nice, even downright poignant or sweet family photos if some buffoon hadn’t jumped into frame and mugged maliciously for the camera just as the shutter clicked. In a few, the photobomb is so subtle it’s almost like playing a game of Where’s Waldo. But I assure you, there’s at least one offensive, out-of-whack detail in each picture.

The reason I find this so funny is that my younger son, Quinn, is the photobomb king. He lives for the moments he can jump in and ruin a perfectly good snapshot by unexpectedly contorting his rubber face into a mischievously evil expression that makes everyone wonder if he might be wanted in at least seven states. All I can say is thank GOD for digital photography, because back in the day I had to pay to get these useless photos developed. Now I can simply look at my iPhone after I take a picture, and if I see a wide-eyed maniacal weirdo in the background (A.K.A. Quinn) I can immediately call for a do-over…right after I hogtie my son to a chair out of frame or threaten him with death if he doesn’t smile for the camera.

My Holly Jolly Family Photobomb

Who is that weirdo kid in the background?

So in the spirit of The Huffington Post’s tribute to the best photobomb holiday pictures, I offer my own photobomb contributions. The picture on the right was taken last Christmas at my sister’s house. It was supposed to be of just the adults in the family, however Quinn decided to take the opportunity to perform some of his best photobomb work (you really have to click on the picture and make it big to get the full, annoying effect). It took us forever to get a good shot without him in it.

However, I’m happy to say that as external hard drives become increasingly spacious, and at the same time inversely cheaper, I can easily store all these ridiculous, goofy pictures of Quinn without taking up so much as an inch of closet space. A fact that will come in handy when I someday get to put together a slideshow of my younger son’s life for his wedding reception. Below are some of the gems I plan on adding. When the time comes, I for sure want to have a camera aimed at his handsome face at the precise moment his eyeballs feast upon that delicious presentation.

After a band concert three years ago…lovely
Trying to get a decent holiday card picture last year
A last second “smile” change at a renaissance faire in 6th grade


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