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Come on, you know you want to! Advertise on my blog, I mean. I have thousands of subscribers and followers who get an e-mail whenever I so much as sneeze! Okay, maybe not sneeze per se, but they are notified when I post a new blog. And guess what? Most of them come and check it out. That’s a lot of eyeballs seeing your ad on my blog!¬†(Even if a few have only one eye.)

And my blog is consistently in the top 25 humor blogs of ranks of all the mommy blogs worldwide, based on traffic and reader ratings. The ranking is updated daily, but even so my blog has not fallen out of the top 25 in over a year.

Advertise you say? How does that work?

I’m glad you asked. All you have to do is e-mail me, introduce yourself, tell me about your product or service, and convince me of how you think my readers would benefit. If I think it’s a good fit we’ll talk turkey. Actually, we’ll talk about how you can advertise on my blog, but I’ve always wanted to talk turkey…except I took French in high school.

That’s a lot peeps seeing your ad!

If it’s mutually beneficial for both of us here are your ad options:

  • Advertise in my sidebar in the BLOG SPONSORS box
  • Advertise in a banner on my homepage
  • Advertise in a banner on individual blogs posts
  • Or combinations thereof

With all the above options you get your very own custom ad page on my blogsite, accessible by clicking on your ad picture in the sidebar box labeled BLOG SPONSORS. (To see how it works with one of my current sponsors, simply click on the picture in the BLOG SPONSORS box on the right.) You can offer coupons, specials, show a funny video, do a virtual tour of of your shop, or even hold a contest all from your ad page. All traffic is easily trackable. t’s like having your own webpage, but without the hassle and overhead of hosting your own website.¬†[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]It’s like having your own webpage, but without the hassle and overhead of hosting your own website[/pullquote] Think of it as a billboard for your business on one of the most popular mommy blogs around.

How long you choose to run your ad is up to you (and your checkbook). You can advertise for as short as one month or for as long as you want. I offer attractive discounts for committing your ad to multiple months, plus you can change the content of your ad during your run free of charge.

And if you are a local Park City merchant check out my editorial calendar, which contains a list of seasonal Park City events that I occasionally blog about. Even though I put a humorous spin on whatever I write, there’s always something happening in Park City that lends itself to a funny blog post (however, the truly hysterical stuff ends up in the Police Blotter of the Park Record). If you see a post coming up on the editorial calendar that ties in with your business¬†contact me immediately so we can set up a cross-promotion. The more advance notice I have the more creative we can be! But don’t delay, because not every post mentions Park City, so you want to make sure you don’t miss the boat on a post that complements your business nicely.

Sounds like fun, right? It is! So let’s do business together real soon.

And maybe somewhere along the way you can teach me when it’s appropriate to use fowl language.

And while I have your attention…

…please click on the banner below to vote for me as a Top Mommy Blogger on I don’t win anything except a higher search engine ranking (which benefits you, if you choose to advertise on my blog), plus bragging rights to my kids that I’m not as dorky as they think. (Okay, well maybe I am that dorky, but at least I’ll be easier to find on the Web.)
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