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Rock Star Crushes

Earlier this week, FB friend and Colorado pottery artist extraordinaire, Tom Edwards, posted that he went to a Todd Rundgren concert. This immediately caught my attention because when I was in junior high I was madly IN LOVE with Todd Rundgren. He was one of my very first rock star crushes. Granted, I would’ve been […]


At least once a week I’m solicited to write an endorsement in my blog about random people’s products or causes. These promotional requests range from hawking books, to fundraisers, to Kickstarter or IndieGoGo projects, to CD and/or movie releases, to products, to marriage proposals. Yes, once some guy actually wanted me to put his marriage […]

“Picture This” At the Toastmasters International Speech Contest

Just this weekend I received my official Toastmasters pictures for winning the Toastmasters International Speech Contest at the District level on May 12th. As promised, I’m sharing one with you all now. (To jog your memory from a previous post, I’ve advanced to the semi-finals, where I’ll go on to compete worldwide at the International […]