Crescent Super Band Goes for a Grammy

Crescent Super Band at Telluride jazz fest
Crescent Super Band at the Telluride Jazz Festival with Toshiko Akiyoshi and Lew Tabackin

When you’re a kid you dream big. And if you’re a musical kid then one of your biggest dreams is winning a Grammy. As you probably know from reading my blog my teenage, music-loving, jazz-playing sons are in two different audition-only professional jazz bands. One of those bands, The Crescent Super Band, is recording its next CD this summer, and then after that they’re going for the gold…as in Grammy gold.

Yes, you heard that right. After years of people asking, “Why hasn’t The Crescent Super Band won a Grammy yet?” Caleb Chapman and the Crescent Super Band hope to correct that injustice. Because let’s face it, after recording seven full-length CDs, winning 22 Downbeat Magazine awards and playing in some of the most prestigious jazz festivals and concert halls around the world, including Montreux, Umbria, Telluride, Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall, it’s time Caleb Chapman and The Crescent Super Band got the Grammy recognition they deserve. Their previous CD, A Crescent Christmas (which many of you purchased last holiday season) had huge Grammy buzz, but this small band of young, indie musicians didn’t (and still don’t) have the deep pockets of a mega record company to promote them to the level they need to be nominated for a Grammy.

That’s where you come in.

The Crescent Super Band Needs Your Help

Crescent Super Band "Don't Look Down" CD
Cover art for new Crescent Super Band CD “Don’t Look Down”

Unfortunately it’s not enough to simply be the best in order to win awards. (First cold, hard fact of growing up.) Today marketing is just as important as releasing a professionally recorded, topnotch CD. So in an effort to run with the big dogs during awards season, The Crescent Super is launching a marketing campaign to go along with the rollout of their next CD Don’t Look Down. But as you can imagine, a Grammy marketing campaign costs almost as much (if not more) than cutting the CD itself. To help cover those costs The Crescent Super Band has launched a Kickstarter campaign.

If you are a fan of the Crescent Super Band (and already own some of their great music) then you’ll probably want to purchase their next CD anyway. If that’s the case, why not put that money to good use right now and apply it toward The Crescent Super Band’s Kickstarter campaign? For as little as a $3 donation you’ll get digital download songs and for $10 you get the entire album. Of course, the award goodies go up in value and coolness from there, depending on how much you contribute.

Crescent Super Band
The little CD that could: “A Crescent Christmas” got good Grammy buzz

And just in case you were wondering, The Crescent Super Band constitutes the true spirit of indie music, which in this case supports the success of the young musicians themselves. The 20 or so graduating seniors from this year’s 2013 class of Caleb Chapman Music collectively garnered almost $2 million in college scholarship money, based on talent and academics. In a time when school districts are cutting music programs from their budgets, it’s independent performing arts schools like Caleb Chapman Music and bands like The Crescent Super Band that keep kids engaged in the arts. Your contribution to their Kickstarter campaign does more than just get them the recognition they need to increase their public awareness. It also helps keep an important youth music program rolling forward.

And when everything is said and done, isn’t that totally worth the price of a $15 CD?

Click here to check out the Crescent Super Band’s Kickstarter campaign and video.

Bonus Crescent Super Band Video

Check out their performance of “Tightrope” which will be on their Don’t Look Down CD. (And remember, these kids are all ages 15 to 18.)


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