Grocery Delivery Service Park City Style

Grocery delivery service
Picture your groceries showing up at home in this

Grocery delivery service is my idea of heaven. (That and figuring out how channel-surfing from my couch can count as exercise.)

Which is why it was fate when a woman came up to me in the meat aisle at the grocery store one day and asked, “Excuse me, are you Stacy Dymalski?”

“Yes…” I replied slowly, thinking I’d either won something or was about to be blamed for something. It was that weird dichotomy, like when you’re 10 and your mother asks “Does anyone know where the good scissors are?” but you’re afraid to answer in the affirmative, because then you might be blamed for not putting them back.

“My name is Stacy, too!” she said with a big smile. “But Stacey with an ‘e’. I own and operate Stacey’s Grocery Services. I know you because we’re Facebook friends.” She went on to tell me how much she enjoyed my blog and Facebook posts, but I was more interested in why her cart resembled my great grandmother’s bomb shelter pantry.

“I take it you’re a grocery delivery service?” I asked looking at the eclectic pile in her cart. Just call me psychic.

“Yes…” now it was her turn to be tentative, “…but I also strive to give my clients the best deals.”

Grocery Delivery Service in Action

Okay, now she had my full attention. The idea of my groceries just showing up in my kitchen AND saving money intrigued me the same way Parisians claim to eat chocolate croissants everyday and still lose weight. “And how is that possible?” I asked.

Stacey's Grocery Delivery Services red shopping bag for grocery delivery service
Check out that three-ring binder of coupons

She opened a three-ring binder full of colorful vouchers. “I subscribe to lots of coupon clubs,” she offered, showing me her stash. “Plus I know how, when, and where to shop locally to get the deals no one else knows about. And I get preferred customer benefits that many people, including locals, don’t get.”

To prove her point, she looked in my cart and offered coupons for several items, and explained that if I didn’t care about brands she had even more coupons I could use. I took her advice (and coupons) and saved over 25% when I checked out.

Thinking I had found a diamond in the rough, I decided to have coffee with my new thrifty friend to chat more about her services.

Initially she began couponing to save on her own family’s food bill. But then she started doing grocery delivery service for family and friends, and then two years ago it morphed into Stacey’s Grocery Services, a grocery delivery service that catered to anyone (tourist or local) in Park City, Deer Valley, and all of Summit and Wasatch Counties.

Coupon Karma

“I call it coupon karma,” says Stacey. “I give my customers the same deals I like.” Most of her clients are tourists who want their vacation homes food-ready when they arrive, although she shops for many local families, as well. In either case, Stacey and her team buy local and organic whenever possible, but still save wherever they can, all while offering special touches like putting avocados in a paper bag with an apple so they ripen overnight, or separating bananas so they last longer.

Stacey's Grocery Delivery Services red shopping bag for grocery delivery service“Because I’m known for passing savings on to my clients, local businesses tell me about their deals,” she adds, “so that I’ll recommend, for example, where a family can go bowling at a discount, eat at a pizzeria for less, or rent skis at the best price.”

My head was spinning. I couldn’t imagine such a career, when I spend my life trying to get out of all the things I had previously volunteered for at a weak moment. “Why do you go to all the trouble?” I asked.

“For me, it’s more than just grocery delivery service. I love to hunt for deals and then pass them on others, especially if they’re visitors. I know tourists spend a lot of money to get here, and then spend even more money while they’re here. It’s my way of saying thank you.”

I was so impressed with Stacey’s authenticity and business model of service combined with savings, that I decided to tell you about her so that you, too, could cut grocery shopping out of your life with the least amount of impact as possible. And if you plan to visit Park City, and you need a grocery delivery service to pre-stock your kitchen, go to Stacey’s Grocery Services and let her do it for you. Why spend all your time in line at the grocery store, when you could be on a chairlift instead? Or if you’re like me, binge-watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Hey, we all have our priorities, right?

For even greater savings be sure to click in the Cool Stuff box in the sidebar of my blog when you see the red Stacey’s Grocery Services shopping bag in it. (If you don’t see Stacey’s red shopping bag in the box, keep refreshing the page until it comes up.) Or just click here to get 30 minutes off your first order with Stacey’s Grocery Services, making grocery delivery service easier and less costly one coupon at a time!

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