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Heads up, everybody. Right now I’m a guest blogger on a fun website called, a free search engine that helps you find national and local birthday offers.

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Everybody deserves free stuff on their birthday!

As the host of my own popular blog, I’m often asked to be a guest blogger on other blogs. The point of this being that these other blogsites hope that my smarty pants sense of humor will attract a whole new crowd. It’s kind of like trying to become popular by throwing a shindig for a new BFF, hoping that the new friend will invite all his or her friends, thus ensuring a bash worthy of the toga party scene from the movie Animal House.

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I usually decline offers to be a guest blogger IF I’m asked to endorse things like disposal diapers or books on breast feeding (it’s the mommy blog syndrome). Since breastfeeding only reminds me that I no longer have perky breasts (mainly due to breast feeding) I’m not really the one to be singing the praises of breastfeeding at this point in my life. Similarly, unless we’re talking about disposal diapers for the middle-age to elderly set, I can’t comment.

Sometimes, however, I’m asked to be a guest blogger for a fun product or service. Recall I did a blog post about Fish Clips last summer, the fun little bag clip that has more personality than a bag of Cheetos. After trying them out I was hooked (or clipped, as the case may be). So if I usually give you a holiday gift, guess what you’ll be getting this year.

A couple months ago contacted me and asked me to be a guest blogger come fall. I checked out their website, and I thought it would be something my readers might enjoy. In nutshell, finds all the free stuff you’re entitled to on your birthday. Participating businesses include places like Baskin and Robbins, Applebee’s, TGI Fridays, Noodles & Company, Red Robin…you know, establishments we parents frequent with our families because we can’t stand the thought of eating out somewhere expensive with the kids.

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Why NOBODY has any real privacy online
And before you get all “conspiracy theory, big brother is watching us” on me, yes, I’m sure they’re collecting marketing data about you when you participate. But if you don’t think Facebook hasn’t already sold your quirky buying habits to advertisers between here and a galaxy far, far away, then you’re as delusional as the telemarketer who calls me during dinner. You might as well get something free for your lack of anonymity.

So first things first. Check out my funny guest post on entitled, Baby’s First Birthday: A Great Time to Take a Bow. It’s a firsthand account of all the ridiculous, over-the-top things we parents do for our kids’ first birthdays. (Feel free to forward the link to any crazy, new parents you know.) Full disclaimer, my guest post is an update of the chapter, A Year in a Life, from my popular book, Confessions of a Band Geek Mom. So if you like my guest blogger post, you might want to check out my book. (Shameless, I know.)

And secondly, if you haven’t clicked on the Top Mommy Bloggers banner below in a while, please do so today. When you do, you automatically give me a vote as a top mommy blogger. You can vote up to once a day, which I would GREATLY appreciate. All I get for it is bragging rights as a top mommy blogger, which hopefully I can someday spin into future monetization of my blog. In case you’re wondering, I write this blog for free because I love you all so much. (And because I think I’d explode if I didn’t have an outlet to get some of the stuff I talk about off my chest. It’s way cheaper than therapy.)

And if you do participate in Let me know how it goes. I signed up after my birthday this year, so I have to wait until next year to see what goodies I get. Let me know what loot you score for free. And if you’re local to me, feel free to take me to lunch or dinner on your birthday. I’m always up for a free meal.

P.S. I get nothing for being a guest blogger on and I get nothing if you use their service. I just thought it was a cool concept!


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