Jumpstart Your Muse

Do you have a great idea for a book or a blog, but just can’t seem to get either off the ground? Are the ideas dancing around in your head, but simply refuse to come out on paper?

Maybe all you need is a jumpstart

In this workshop, which I affectionately call “Jumpstart Your Muse,” I give you tried and true exercises to encourage your brain to kick into artistic mode. All too often the stresses of everyday life block those little golden nuggets of creativity that hide deep in the crevices of our minds. But there are ways to lure them out.

Jumpstart Your MuseIn this workshop we do hands-on exercises to:

  • Clear your head of the clutter
  • Get ideas down on paper
  • Outline your project
  • Write the first few paragraphs (or pages) of your book, blog, or article
  • Find your artistic voice
  • Trick yourself into writing when you’re not in the mood

Writing is all about rewriting, but if you can’t motivate yourself to write in the first place, then there’s nothing to rewrite. Getting something down on paper is the first step.

Who are you again? And why am I listening to you?

My name is Stacy Dymalski, and I’m a comedian, author, blogger, filmmaker, and self-publishing geek. Any more than that and I’ll spontaneously combust. I studied story structure at UCLA’s film school, and have penned several screenplays and books. I’ve produced movies through studios and independently AND I’ve had books published via tradition publishers and I’ve self-published. I’ve made a living at writing and let me tell you, I’ve had to motivate myself to get something down on paper ON DEMAND. And not just any old schlock, but something entertaining that people will actually pay for.

So let me share with you the tricks of the trade of a writer under the gun. Nothing teaches you how to jumpstart your muse like an editor, producer, or director staring you down, expecting pearls of creativity to spill forth. I’m here to tell you, it can happen. And anyone can learn to do it.

Email me at stacydymalski@gmail.com to learn more and sign up.

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