Lead 2015 Comes to Park City

Lead 2015 graphicAfter stumbling your way around the planet for several decades you eventually come to realize one very important aspect of life: Experience is just as valuable as formal education. Nothing beats being in the trenches. And although good leaders instinctively strive for improvement, great leaders know the real value of a hard-fought, rocky journey. Every leader has a story to tell; several, in fact. And usually that bumpy ride enriches leadership qualities beyond even what the leaders themselves thought possible. Which is the basis for Every Leader Has a Story, the talk I’m presenting on March 31, at Lead 2015, a two-day leadership forum (March 30 and 31), featuring stories from 22 thought leaders from around the globe, including Ken Blanchard and keynote speaker, President Bill Clinton.

What is Lead 2015?

In celebration of World Leadership Day, Lead 2015 will take place at the same time by combining live and satellite simulcast presentations from innovative leaders and thinkers who like to dance outside-of-the-box. Lead 2015--Don't FollowIn it’s simplest form, Lead 2015 describes itself as follows: “Lead 2015 is a platform to change the world by inspiring individuals, communities, organizations, and governments to choose education, collaboration, and ethical leadership over ignorance, indifference, and violence.” The Four Seasons Resort & Club Dallas at Las Colinas, Texas, will host Lead 2015 worldwide, at which there will be 400 speakers attendees.

Host cities will simulcast the event, and include their own local speakers (live) in between the national speaker presentations. Fortunately for Utah, Linda Galindo of Galindo Consulting stepped up to host Lead 2015 in Park City on March 30 and 31, at the Prospector Hotel and Conference Center. And fortunately for me, Linda graciously invited me to speak as part of an incredible line-up of Utah-based doers, including Chris Waddell, Bassam Salem, Kim Jones, Linda Galindo, and yours truly.

Every Leader Has a Story

Lead 2015
So glad we don’t tell our stories like this anymore

If you follow me on Facebook, it’s no secret that I consider myself a storyteller and teacher at heart. And much like our indigenous ancestors I feel future generations learn most by considering the successes and failures of the past. This is why it’s important for leaders at all levels to document their most valuable lessons in their own narratives. We used to do this by writing on the walls of caves and cliffs. But fortunately now days we have the luxury of technologies that give us everything from leather-bound tomes to e-books.

During my talk I will discuss:

  • How to leave a legacy of wisdom by identifying those small kernels of truth found in the most mundane and challenging of situations that leaders face everyday
  • How to turn those simple truths into stories people will want to read
  • How to get your story out there so people can learn from what you have to say

If “all the world’s a stage” (as Shakespeare so eloquently put it), then comedy-and-tragedy is simply life unfolding. I hope to inspire leaders (from stay-at-homes mom raising future presidents to captains of industry hell-bent on building better mousetraps) to share their experiences with a world that needs to hear what they have to say. Life doesn’t go on forever, but legacy does.

Please join me and my fellow speakers on March 30 and 31 at the Prospector Hotel and Conference Center in Park City for a day of inspiration and hope. And knowing me, I’m willing to wager I’ll entice the audience to unload a giggle or two when I take the stage on March 31.

Click HERE for more information and to register for Lead 2015 Park City.

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