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That’s me above the first ‘G’

Remember a while back when I told you I was auditioning for TV show about mommy bloggers? My news came to you by way of a blog post I wrote called My Run at, and included that video of my son, Quinn, juggling knives over my head. (That was actually part of my audition.) And remember I said I’d keep you posted on the outcome of that audition?

Well, this is the part where I get back to you.

Turns out I made the cut! Yes, I will be one of the hosts on the new TV show Mommy Bloggers. Here’s an excerpt from the official press release:

Los Angeles – They’re six of the nation’s top bloggers who, typically with twists of humor and wit entertain moms everywhere with stories and advice about family and motherhood. These bloggers are moms themselves. They have vast audiences of loyal followers who never miss a word and consider them their virtual friends. They’re in the know and have the scoop and insight that only moms can understand. There are thousands of mommy bloggers out there, but this group of six has risen to the top. And they’re not stopping there. They have joined forces to create a new weekly über blog (actually, vlog) in the form of a TV show called, what else? MOMMY BLOGGERS. The half-hour show will be broadcast on the Network (

We start taping in a couple of weeks. Think of it as The View meets Desperate Housewives.

The show’s six mommy bloggers hail from all over the country, including L.A., Chicago, the Midwest, Washington, D.C., New York, and I, of course, represent those of us crazy enough to live where it snows six months out of the year (in the Rocky Mountain time zone). We will convene online live each week to talk about mommy-licious subjects ranging from kitchen safety to school lunch to why you can never seem to finagle your way into the fast lane when you’re late to the orthodontist. Since we’re all extremely witty mommy bloggers, we’ll all put our own amusing spin on every subject they throw at us, which of course can only mean one thing—hilarity ensues.

Meet the Mommy Bloggers Cast

Drumroll, please. My mommy blogger cohorts on the show (and their wonderful blogs) are:

And of course, me:

  • Stacy Dymalski – Nonsense to Mom’s Sense (of Humor)
    How life as a stand-up comic prepared me for motherhood

I encourage you all to check out their blogs. If you like me, you’ll love them.

Where the Heck Did Mommy Bloggers Come From?

mommy bloggersMommy Bloggers is produced by, an online television network that provides original programming for several channels, and covers popular genres such as comedy, sports, action drama, reality, kids & family, talk, how-to, science fiction, and paranormal. The source of the original content comes from a mix of shows produced by StoryArc New Media (’s in-house production company), as well as from independent producers.

Former Disney Studios Vice President of New Media Technology, Gary Kleinman, who was with Disney for 23 years, founded A pioneer in new media Mr. Kleinman believes that since it’s now possible to view programming on wireless devices anytime, anywhere, Internet TV is only going to get better. Currently, you can watch programming for free on the Internet using your computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. However, there is a network app on Google Play for Android phones and tablets. And if you want to see’s shows in living color on your flatscreen TV, is also free on the Roku streaming player.

So there you have it. I’m going to be a talk show “peep” on a new talk show featuring mommy bloggers doing what they do best, which is, um…talk. I’ll be sure to keep you up up-to-date on the show’s premier and its programming schedule.

In the mean time, wish me luck…so I don’t run out of things to say. (Yeah right. Like THAT’ll ever happen.)

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