Mother Bloggers – Episode 1

Mother Bloggers
Aren’t we a lovely bunch?

After months of preparation, taping, editing, more taping, more editing, it’s finally here. Remember back in June I posted a blog about auditioning for an Internet TV show on called Mommy Bloggers (which has since been renamed to Mother Bloggers)? And then I blogged about it again in September announcing that not only did I make it on the show, I’m the host! Well, the first episode is ready to debut, and I’d like to share the details with you.

What is Mother Bloggers?

But first let me refresh your memory about what this show is about. Mother Bloggers brings together five of the nation’s top mommy bloggers. These ladies (of which I am one) write about the ironies, humor, and headaches of family and motherhood. Each one of us has vast audiences of loyal followers and virtual friends who never want to miss a word. According to the press release for the show…

The Mother Bloggers are in the know and have the scoop and insight that only moms can understand. There are thousands of mommy bloggers out there, but this group of five has risen to the top. But haven’t stopped there. They have joined forces to create a new weekly über blog (actually, vlog) in the form of a half hour TV show called, what else? MOTHER BLOGGERS.”

Mother BloggersActually, I’d say it’s Desperate Housewives meets The View meets Max Headroom (if you’re old enough to remember that). Mother Bloggers is a brand new concept in television programming, broadcast over the Internet on one of the new official TV Internet stations, This is the future of TV, people, so better hook your flat screens up to Roku, Hulu Plus, PS 3, or one of the many “black boxes” that can stream your TV over the Internet. Because that’s going to be your new cable or satellite dish. And it will save you some pretty serious cash when you get rid of those cable bills.

Anyway, enough of that. So without further adieu, sit back relax and watch Amanda, Jennie, Susan, Heidi and me entertain you with episode 1 of Mother Bloggers. It premiers on January 1, 2013, so if you’re reading this before that, be sure to come back and check it out on New Year’s Day (or later). To see the show go to the website and click Channel 7.

Thanks for watching!

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