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Have you had the big talk with your kids yet? And no, I’m not talking about getting them to explain to you how the PS-3 you already own can be used in place of an expensive DVR-blueray player. (Although if you haven’t had that discussion yet, you should. It can save you hundreds of dollars.) No, I’m talking about the birds and the bees. At some point, every parent has to go through that uncomfortable lecture about where babies come. Or you could just do like our parents did and hope your kids pick up the concept by osmosis on the playground…or in our case, the Internet. Or better yet, just let them watch a season of South Park and they’re good to go.

On the latest episode of Mother Bloggers (the funny mom talk show I’m on—keep up, people) we tackle the big questions kids ask, which, in addition to sex, includes annoying inqueries into death, God, religion, reincarnation, and why displaying grandpa’s ashes over the fireplace is not a gross thing to do (even though it is). Usually the little tykes bring up this crap just when you’re about to settle in for a new episode of Game of Thrones or when you’re about to kill off a bottle of wine with your besties. (In other words, their timing sucks.)

And Then There’s Guilt (Mother Bloggers Style)

Mother Bloggers love to eat ice cream
Guilt? What guilt? Shut up. I’m eating ice cream.

We also talk about that annoying monkey on your back (no, not heroin), mommy guilt. We’ve all done things to our kids or in front of our kids (either intentionally or otherwise) that we thought better of later. And as a result we carry around more guilt than if you stayed up all night watching a Biggest Loser marathon while pounding down a gallon of Hagen Daz.

Now up to episode 4 on, Mother Bloggers is gaining a steady following, so if you haven’t seen it in a while (or at all) now would be a good time to watch. I’m actually the host of the show, mainly because when the producers at the network asked for hosting volunteers to step forward, I was too busy chatting with the person sitting next to me to notice that all he other Mother Bloggers on the show had quietly stepped back. Oh well. Live and learn. Actually, I probably never will learn.

Anyway, sit down, relax, tune in, and enjoy the latest Mother Bloggers show. It’s the best guilty pleasure you’ll have all week! (Unless you’re into Mad Men. You have to admit, that Don Draper is the best bad boy rocking a skinny tie and a Madison Avenue suit currently on TV!)

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