Pre-sales Sign-up List For “The Memoir Midwife”

The Memoir Midwife
Why go through nine months of pain teaching yourself how to self-publish when you can just read this?

“The Memoir Midwife: 9 Steps to Self-publishing Your Book” is a primer that systematically explains everything you need to do to turn your 8 x 10 pile of manuscript paper in to a beautifully self-published book that sits on the shelf in a bookstore. Included with the steps are self-publishing tips (to help you avoid common, unforeseen pitfalls), and a checklist at the end of each chapter, so you walk away knowing what you have to do before you move on to the next step.

This wealth of information would take you literally weeks to months to research  and figure out on your own, but now you can have it all in one place right at your fingertips. Perfect for the novice who only wants to write/self-publish one book EVER or for that go-getter entrepreneur who plans on making self-publishing a career.

Interested in purchasing a copy?

The “Memoir Midwife” is included when you take Stacy’s “How to Self-publish Your Book” workshop. However as a promotion, once “The Memoir Midwife” comes out it will be purchasable online (in paperback) for just two weeks for $24.95 WITHOUT taking Stacy’s workshop. If you think you might like to take advantage of this offer, please enter your name and email below. There is no obligation to buy, I simply need some idea of how many books to print.

You will be contacted right before the book’s release to see if you’re still interested in purchasing your copy (I hope you are!), with details how to do so to follow. If you change our mind, no worries. I still appreciate your initial interest.

In the mean time, please fill out the boxes below to get on my no-obligation pre-sales list for “The Memoir Midwife.”


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