npr_logoSelf-publishing is no longer just a vanity project. According to this NPR news report by Lynn Neary on December 19, 2012, self-publishing is a lucrative and legitimate force in the literary world:

“They used to call it the “vanity press,” and the phrase itself spoke volumes. Self-published authors were considered not good enough to get a real publishing contract. They had to pay to see their book in print. But with the advent of e-books, self-publishing has exploded, and a handful of writers have had huge best-sellers.”

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No matter what business you’re in self-publishing gives you credibility and helps you achieve your career goals.

“A book is a tangible way to define you and your message. Most clients propel themselves to the next level simply by mentioning their own book.”

–Marsha Friendman, Publicist and Author of “Celebritize Yourself

I highly recommend this as part of your book’s marketing plan

“But writing a book is hard! Why should I do it?”

  • It’s more creative than basket weaving…and has a longer legacy
  • You can write “published author” on your resume
  • You’ll finally be recognized for your life experience and expertise
  • If you don’t write your book, you’ll always wonder what would’ve happened if you had

Have you written (or are writing) a book?

You could send your work to agents and publishers and hope for the best, or you can take control of your own literary dreams through self-publishing.

How to Self-publish Your Book

I offer an extensive one-day workshop simply called “How to Self-publish Your Book.” Pretty straight forward, right?

The first half of the workshop covers the nuts and bolts of turning that pile of paper that is your manuscript into a real book you’d find on a bookshelf in a bookstore or library.

Topics include:write_a_book

  • How publishing benefits YOU (the author)
  • Self-publishing considerations
  • Setting up your book for publishing
  • Book printing options
  • How to create an e-book
  • How to get your book in bookstores and on Amazon

The second half of the workshop explains how to market your book after you’ve published it.

Many people can write and even self-publish a book, but only a few people can sell a book. Even the best books have little hope of making any money, or even of being read, without proper marketing.

Marketing topics include:

  • Finding your platform
  • How to become a social media junkie
  • The right way to send out a press release
  • Should you hire a marketing rep or publicist
  • How to get your book reviewed
  • Contests and tradeshows? Yes or no?
  • The benefits of becoming a public speaker
  • How to create your own marketing materials
  • How to become your own bookstore
  • Learning to take orders on your smartphone

Why should you take Stacy’s Workshop?

Good question!

I have a unique perspective being that I came up through the School of Hard Knocks when it comes to publishing. I’ve written books that have been published by traditional publishers and that I’ve published myself. Both methods have had varying degrees of success, however I prefer the latter. I’m eager to share my experiences with you to explain why.

Confessions of a Band Geek Mom
I self-published this book

My latest literary accomplishment is that I’m author of the hysterically popular mommy memoir Confessions of a Band Geek Mom (which I self–published and is available in bookstores and on And I pen the popular comedy blog From Nonsense to Mom’s Sense of Humor, How My Life as a Standup Comic prepared me for Motherhood.

I also teach How to Self-Publish Your Book for the Life Long Learning program at the University of Utah. But not everyone can come to Salt Lake City to take my class, so due to popular demand I also offer this class independently approximately once a month in Park City, UT. Or if you have an interested group, I can come to where you are (fly, drive, walk, teleport, whatever works) to teach you and your cohorts.


I honestly believe anyone can publish their own book IF they know what they’re up against and they’re willing to put in the work.

Here’s what some of my former students have to say

“The class felt like a classic marketing course at a top MBA program. Stacy adroitly covered all four P’s of marketing as they relate to publishing in a fun, humorous and conversational environment.”
–Kendall (Technology Specialist)

“EXCELLENT, specific content for how to self-publish and why. At the end of the course I could answer the question easily, ‘Is self-publishing right for me?’
–Malia (college student)

“Very practical info–highly informative with coaching on applications that work/don’t work (more important!). Feel like I could get online and start the business side concurrently with the creative.”
–Bonnie (Parks and Rec Administrator)

I attended a session that Stacy put on regarding self-publishing a book. If you even thinking about such an endeavor, contact Stacy.
–Bill (Finance Executive)

self-publishingWhy bumble through your first attempt at self-publishing when you don’t have to? Your book deserves better. Let me help you avoid costly mistakes by introducing you to each step required to get your book published and out the door.

Contact me for pricing and to schedule your own class or to find out when the next  scheduled class takes place. 

Stacy Dymalski
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In addition to being a writer and self-proclaimed self-pubishing guru, Stacy Dymalski is also the host of the hilarious TV talk show “Mother Bloggers” on She’s also an award winning keynote speaker and stand-up comic who gave up the glamorous life of coach travel, smokey comedy clubs, and heckling drunks for the glamourous life of raising kids (who happen to be bigger hecklers than the drunks). This blog is her new stage.

For more of Stacy’s comedy check out her book Confessions of a Band Geek Mom available in bookstores and on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. (And yes, she self-published this book and made more on its sales in the first year than she did over the lifetime of some of her previous books released by traditional publishers.)

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