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Carpool Number 32 on Driveway 6, You’re Cleared for Takeoff

In honor of my youngest turning 16 in one week, I give you this funny carpool excerpt from my book, Confessions of a Band Geek Mom. Fare-thee-well, carpool. I will miss you like I miss a toothache. I’m a little worried about my family’s carbon footprint. I think it’s a men’s size 14 and growing. […]

Writers Jokes, or Why I Like Hanging Out With Writers

Writers are a special breed. They’re often the ones quietly sitting off in a corner by themselves at a party, but ironically they’re the ones you would want to engage in conversation. They usually add intellectual Technicolor to a discussion, because in most cases they’ve spent a lifetime crafting a spectacularly vivid point of view […]

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