Wallyware (or Where in the World is Tom Edwards?)

Wallyware is the answer to the mystery artist who created this lovely bowl (below) that was featured in yesterday’s blog. Actually, the artist’s name is Tom Edwards and his line of quirky pottery is called Wallyware. And he’s not in Portland, OR, as I had originally said. Turns out he hangs his shingle in Evergreen, CO. (Okay, so I made a mistake. There’s a first time for everything.)

Remember this little gem from yesterday? It’s Wallyware!

If you read my HYSTERICAL blog yesterday, Mormon Jokes Made Easy (and at Home), you’ll know that the star of the show was that quirky little ceramic bowl. (And if you haven’t read yesterday’s blog, then you’re missing out on a good giggle. Stop right now and go peruse it! I’ll wait…[insert “Jeopardy” theme song here]…okay, back already? Wow. You read fast.) This bowl was a gift to me years ago, but I didn’t know who the artist was, so I put out the word and two readers quickly stepped up to the plate with the answer.

The Evolution of Wallyware

Apparently Tom Edwards has been doing jokes on pots since 1984. Obviously, he’s quite successful at it, since pottery is how he makes his living. He came up with the idea of Wallyware in 1983 after his encounter with a med student and her delirious patient. Here is Tom’s Wallyware story, taken from his website:

A friend of mine was in med school and she had a delirious patient who kept talking about Nappy. After a week or so, she realized that the patient was talking about a dog…I made this weird little plate to commemorate the incident and I really liked the way it looked. I was compelled to make more pots like this. I got the name ‘Wally’ from these British guys I worked with, it’s slang for ‘nerd’. One day I started drawing these really simple Wally jokes on the pots just for my own amusement. When I took them to a craft fair, the response was incredible. Within a month, I had an order for a complete dinnerware set and people were asking for more Wally adventures.

Even though Tom does not get up in front of audiences and tell jokes, he definitely adds humor to the universe by putting his Wally musings on his pottery. I say this still makes him a comedian. He just uses a different medium to do it. Kudos to him for being so creative.

And finally, keeping with our deliciously politically incorrect religious theme, Tom has several other equally funny, sacred, Wallyware ceramic bowls that you might like. (Mormons, are you listening? Any of these would work great to serve up the green Jello ambrosia salad at your next child’s baptismal.) You can check out Tom’s Wallyware factory direct website for a complete selection. However, here are three that no home (Mormon, or otherwise) should be without:

Hey, at least he’s not showing up empty-handed
Can I tell you how many times a day I say this?
Whew! Another one of life’s mysteries solved!

And if any of my close friends are reading this, try to act surprised when we exchange gifts this Christmas.


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